Miriam 15F Germany

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Introduction Message:

I always try to be empathic to keep my social circle positive, making sure people don't dwell on worries. Overall, I prefer spending time with my close group of trusted friends. However, I do find myself alone in my room quite often. 

Generally, I'm independent, self-motivated, and enjoy exploring new things. In my free time, I read, draw, and love learning new things. Sports, both solo and with others, are my passion. I’m likely to pursue something in the field of natural sciences :)


  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Classical Music
  • Instruments
  • Museums

Host Family Letter:

Dear future host family, 

I hope, you’re all doing well. My name is Miriam, I'm 15 years old and very happy to send you this letter. Currently, I live with my family in a house near city of Regensburg in South Germany. Our family consists of five people including a dog, that we brought with us from Shanghai / China where we all spent five years. Our family is a mix of Polish and German culture, so I grew up with both languages. 

My mother is very involved in a social profession in the local community, my father is manager in a German automotive company. Regarding education I'm in the 10th grade of a private catholic high school. The school places great emphasis in art subjects, but I also have a passion for sports and outdoor activities, like skiing and I am a member of the local volleyball team. 

Whenever possible, I try to spend time with my friends. My strong skill is the ability to organize things. Perhaps it's my German side to keep things clear structured and tidy. The Polish side is related to my creativity and spontaneous ideas. 

Coming to the US will give me the opportunity to get to know this great country. And living there would be a great chance to improve my English skills and to learn more about your culture. On my side I am willing to help with household chores, participate in family activities, and show you some delicious dishes from my home country. 

I’m looking forward to make new experiences with you together. 

With best regards, 


Parent Letter:

Dear host family,

first of all, my wife, Sylwia and I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your generous hospitality and your willingness to open your home to our daugther, Miriam. We appreciate it very much and hope that you will share a wonderful time together!

Our family consists of five people and Miriam is the smallest of our children. However, she is certainly not the weakest link and is characterized by consistency and perseverance. At the same time she is artistically gifted, draws a lot and plays musical instruments. When it comes to sports, she is always looking for ways to play where she can meet good comrades and have fun. She is a member of the local volleyball team. In private, she is reliable and orderly. 

Miriam is basically a very open and widely interested person and through our stay in Shanghai in 2016-2021 she was able to broaden her horizons significantly. She is really looking forward to the visit to the USA, to the new culture and will certainly make a contribution to any local community.

The separation from our daughter will certainly not be easy for us for a whole year, but we will support each other in her project and look forward to this experience with her.

Vielen Dank für Ihre großartige Gastfreundschaft im Voraus! Beste Grüße aus Deutschland. 

Dziękujemy za wszystko z góry i przesyłamy pozdrowienia z Europy!

Yours sincerely, Sylwia and Jacek Philipiak