Marco 16M Mexico

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Host Families

Introduction Message:

Dear host family:

thank you very much for accepting me this year in your home, I tell you that I am a 15-year-old boy, who really likes sports, I am a happy and positive person, who does not give up easily, who He fights for his goals, and I really like making people laugh. I come from a very large family, I have 8 cousins. We are a united family, I have a twin sister and a little sis, I have a hard-working father and a mother who teaches me the values of home.


  • Soccer
  • Snowboarding
  • Bicycling
  • Beach
  • Tennis

Host Family Letter:

As part of our family routine we really like going to the beach, sailing on the boat, fishing and relaxing at sea. We like to swim in our pool and have barbecues on Sundays with family and friends.

I love soccer and playing sports, I like to be active. I'm doing well at school, I have a large group of friends and my grades are average. My weekly routine is to go to school, play sports in the afternoons go to my games and on weekends go to meetings, movies and family meals. I want to go study to learn the language, make new friends and get to know another country. 

I hope that at the end of the program I have a high level in the language and have managed to have an unforgettable experience!

Parent Letter:

Dear Host Family:

first of all, you don't know how grateful we are for having welcomed Marco into your family, it means a lot that you have opened the doors to your home, it is an act that we will never be able to repay. I want you to know that Marco is an extraordinary child, he is an obedient son and good with his sisters, he has a twin sister and their relationship is very close, I definitely think she is the one he is going to miss the most, his other Sister loves her very much and protects her because she is the youngest. Marco is a boy who loves animals, we adopted a dog a couple of years ago and she is part of our family.

Marco is doing well in school, he is a responsible child who does what he has to do, he is definitely a child who loves sports and so far it is his priority in his life, we always try to support him in each of their tournaments and clubs. It is our custom to go to the beach when there are no classes, we have it very close, walks on the beach and swimming in the sea are part of our family's routine.  When there is no family commitment, Marco and his friends like to go to the arge family, somovies, the beach or an excursion, always looking for activities to do as a group.

We hope that this year,  will be an opportunity for him to get to know another environment and make new friends. We know that he will do his best to comply with the rules of the house and school. we are sure that he will make friends for life.