Juan 17M Mexico

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Host Families

Introduction Message:

I am very exited to be part of this program and I want to get you know a little of me. So to start I live with my family and we are mi Dad, my Mom, my sister and my dog. Then about me, I see myself as a person who always goes for what he wants, who is independent in his goals and who quite likes to live together and have many friends. An example where my personality is reflected is in soccer, I like it very much and I am always training to see how to improve, at the moment.


  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Paddle Tennis
  • Tennis

Host Family Letter:

Another thing that I like a lot is to improve my student part, that is to learn more skills, talking about my grades I have always done very well in school, since I take care of my responsibilities

Currently my week is very repetitive but I like it, every morning I go to school where I am from 7 to 2, then I go back to my house where I eat and do homework, then sometimes I go to the gym or rest, since I have training at 6: 45 to 8:45, and my day is over, wow that was very summary but yeah. The weekends i usually go out with my family, and at night I go out with my friends to dinner or a meeting.

The truth is that I am very sociable, it has never been difficult for me to make friends, I really like to eat healthy things for my workouts, however I have always thought that a pizza is never bad, but not in excess.

The reason why I want to go to study is that in addition to learning English better, I want to expand and have new experiences that shape me for my future. I also want to mature because I am becoming more and more independent.

The next year I hope to have a lot of fun, meet new people and form nice bonds, in addition to improving my English a lot and mature more by trying new things and meeting new people

Parent Letter:

Hello family, 

We want to thank you for giving our son the opportunity to fulfill one of his dreams and be part of it. He's a young man who likes challenges and when he sets himself one, he does everything possible to achieve it. He is very dedicated and persistent in achieving his goals. This is how he has managed, among others, to be on the first soccer team in school, winning the speech contest last year and of course soon living the experience of studying in the USA. He loves sports, especially playing soccer, it is his passion. He is very friendly, he likes to enjoy the activities of his age, he is intelligent and a good student. One characteristic is that he will always smell good, they are fascinated by perfumes. His weekly activities focus on going to school, training soccer and going to the gym, as well as attending his apostolic group once a week. On weekends he usually goes out with his friends and Sundays are dedicated to family, eating together and going to church. He loves pizza, hamburgers, chicken fingers, french fries and Yucatecan and Mexican food. He likes music and plays the guitar a little. He likes to listen to current music. We as parents hope that the year he will study and live in the USA will be the best, it will be a year of pure learning, that it will be excellent and that he will respond as he always has. We trust that you, his new family, will receive him and welcome him as one of your own family.

With love, Juan's Family.