Hania 15F Pakistan

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Host Families

Introduction Message:

I'm Hania. I am a responsible and caring person.  My hobbies are baking, cooking, painting and reading.  I really am eager to meet you and from this experience, I hope to gain a lot of confidence, confidence, and culture of your people and would love to tell you about mine. I will be noting all of my experience in my diary and will bring it along to tell my friends and family without missing a chunk of it.  Waiting to be a part of the marvelous journey! Wishing you a good day.


  • Cricket
  • Track
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Cooking
  • Outdoors

Host Family Letter:

I'm Hania. I belong to a big, lovely, caring, and responsible family. I love in a joint family system. My family is quite traditional and religious, which actually is a nice thing since they stop from the wrong and encourage me to do good.  Together, me and my family love grand dinners and picnic on some open areas.  With siblings, I love indoor games like ludo and scrabble etc and outdoor games like cricket etc.  In my home, I am responsible for making my bed, setting my room, helping Mom in chopping vegetables, sometimes when my Mom doesn't feel well, I take her responsibilities too.  My other responsibilities include setting up table on Sunday and washing dishes on Sunday. 

I have a big circle of friends since I am easy going.  All my friends are nice to me and they all are really understanding.  We together do my fun activities for instance we do races, play cricket, do tiktok trends and do photography.  Besides fun, we do group studies and presentation making.  My city, which is scattered upon hills, rivers and breathtaking waterfalls and with antique bridges, braclated upon rivers, my city also includes bussiness buildings and everything a urban city have.  In future, I want to become an engineer since I am very good at maths and also inspired by my Dad.  So to achieve my goal, I have started struggling hard as the competition here is tough.  Whoever is reading this, I hope you like it.  I am eager to meet you guys and from this experience hope to gain a lot!