Alberto 17M Italy

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Host Families

Introduction Message:

I am a very empathic person who is available and always there towards others. I like to spend time with my friends with whom I love to laugh and do activities together. I always try to keep myself busy doing extracurricular activities and participating in online clubs and classes of interior design. The sports I appreciate the most are beachvolley, volleyball, tennis, athletics and ballet. The path of study I would like to pursue is the university faculty of architecture.


  • Volleyball
  • Interior Design
  • Travel
  • Soccer
  • Concerts

Host Family Letter:

Dear Host Family, I am so excited to be able to write this letter to you. I'm Alberto and I'm 17 years old. I decided to take this path because I have always had the desire to spend a year in a foreign country. I live with my family,which consists of my parents and my sister, with whom I have a wonderful relationship. We share many passions and interests, indeed what we love to do together is to travel, visit new places and cities, go to contemporary art exhibitions, watch original language films, and go to the theater.I attend a high school where languages are the most important subjects. The languages I chose to study are Spanish, French and English, although the first two years I also studied Latin. It is a high school where the teachers are very demanding and the level of learning is very high. 
In life I am a very sociable and empathic person who tries to help others in challenging times. One of my greatest passions is architecture and interior design, so in the future I would like to become an architect. I have always loved this sector. I believe that through the experience of the year abroad I can become a more mature and independent person and can make me grow in the best possible way. 
What I can offer to you is my ability to listen to people and make myself available, my language skills, and my ability to acclimatize easily to realities different from those I experience on a daily basis.  

Thank you for hosting me and I hope that you can become my second family!

Parent Letter:

Dear Host Family, 

we are full of enthusiasm for the experience that Alberto is about to undertake! 
In every situation, he tries to give his best, always! The 4 of us are always very busy and when we are together we see movies and series also in the original language and stay with friends. 

When we renovated the house he designed some parts of the latter, when we host friends or relatives for lunch or dinner, it is always him who prepares the table and the dishes, he's very tidy and he also knows how to cook. He practiced ballet for 9 years so he has a lot of grace in his posture and a lot of self-care. He also likes other sports. He prefers volleyball, ice skating and athletics. His dedication helps him to get good results in due time.  

He loves to be with the little ones and the old people together with the group of scouts he has been part of since he was 8 years old. His experience in your country will be very important given the great intellectual curiosity of Alberto, the relationship with a new world will certainly be an important stimulus for his growth. He has a very high degree of participation, so he is highly regarded and appreciated both by teachers and in study groups; he is also class representative.He is independent. We are entrusting our son in the hands of a second family, and we are sure that they will welcome him at his best because only special people and open to the other, choose to undertake a similar experience. Thank you for hosting our son!