Jeun 15F South Korea

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Host Families

Introduction Message:

Hello, I’m Jueun. When I first meet new people, I can seem a bit passive. However, after meeting them a few times, this passive attitude disappears and a new side of myself emerges. While I am a bit shy, I am quite active and enjoy spending time with my close friends. Additionally, I have a passion for playing the piano and a talent for drawing. I spend most of my time drawing, and I often draw portraits. My future dream is to become an illustrator.


  • Painting/Drawing
  • Singing
  • Pop Music
  • K-Pop dance
  • Ukelele

Host Family Letter:

Dear Host Family,

Hello, I’m Jueun. I am grateful for accepting me as your family. Let me introduce my family. My mom sometimes nags me, but she's the one I rely on, who trusts me and waits for me. My dad is a funny person. He likes to make others laugh, and it feels like he is present everywhere. My younger brother is a good boy who listens to everything I say, even though I sometimes complain. So, my family is harmonious.

Both of my parents work as product designers so I started painting naturally when I was young. I was influenced a lot by my parents because painting was what I encountered the most, so I thought I should be an illustrator since then. I copied a lot of cartoon characters, but when I entered middle school, I started drawing portraits passionately. I drew so many portraits that I could draw them exactly without looking at their pictures. Around that time, I read web novels. I imagined and drew the main character of the web novel. I am confident that I can draw real portraits better than anyone else. My talent and effort made it possible for me to have this kind of ability.

Finally, the reason I want to go to America is because I want to see a different world. My country is a small country, and there are not many different people, food, cultures, etc. I am curious about how people abroad live, what they like to do, and which idols they love. I am ready to experience new things in the US and hope you can help me with that. Thank you!



Parent Letter:

Dear Host Family, 

Hello, I am the mother Jueun.

Our family consists of four people; my spouse, my daughter, and her younger brother. My daughter is like a vitamin, cheering up her dad and making him laugh after a hard day at work, and the same goes for me. She gets along well with her younger brother. My daughter helps me with dinner and wash her dishes after dinner. She also takes turns taking care of putting out the recycling waste with her brother.

My daughter was a bright and exciting child from a young age. She likes to sing, so she works hard in the choir. She also loved dancing, so she enjoyed going to dance classes after school. She spent a lot of time drawing, playing the piano, and reading books. She also enjoyed doing something creative, such as writing novels and drawing webtoons. She often received awards related to this at school. She was very popular with her friends, who always gathered around her.

She has a lot of thoughts and her dreams change often, but I think this exchange program will be a great opportunity to meet the wider world, deepen and expand her thoughts, and learn consideration and respect.

I am worried about whether she will do well in an unfamiliar place alone, but I think she will adapt well as she has a very bright personality if you give her good guidance and encouragement.

We are so grateful that you accepted our child and we pray that you will always be healthy.


Jueun’s mother