Skyler F.

Berlin, Germany
Hometown: Gainesville, Florida


The Socca World Cup - Essen 2023

By Skyler F.

This year in Essen, the Socca World Cup was held. This is a 6v6 small-sided soccer game. It includes countries from all over the world. I had the opportunity to... keep reading

The Landparty at Bückeburg Schloss

By Skyler F.

Today I went to the Landparty in Bückeburg! It took place at Schloss Bückeburg, which is a beautiful castle. The event included different vendors, food, music, and horses. At the... keep reading


By Skyler F.

Maiwoche is an event in May for a week. The event took place in Osnabrück, which held multiple concerts each day, along with carnival rides and food. The concerts every... keep reading

Dorf Life

By Skyler F.

You may be asking yourself, “What is Dorf life?” This is what it is called when you live in a small village in Germany. In my time in Germany, I... keep reading

The Feelings of Saying Goodbye to a New Hello

By Skyler F.

As I will soon be switching host families, I felt it would be important to share how I feel about leaving my original Host community. Although I have had very... keep reading

Playing a Sport

By Skyler F.

Playing a sport in Germany can really help you integrate into your host community. I found that this was an easy way to meet people and make friends outside of... keep reading

Keeping in Touch

By Skyler F.

One of the hardest things to completely grasp as an exchange student is how to stay in contact with the people at home. Although I feel this differs for everyone... keep reading

Birthdays in Germany

By Skyler F.

Birthdays in Germany are celebrated a bit differently from the United States. From a quick Google search, you could easily find the differences between the cultures. This includes not wishing... keep reading

Dealing with German Weather

By Skyler F.

German weather in the winter can be especially hard to deal with. It seems almost always to be cloudy, rainy, and cold. I feel that through my experiences and what... keep reading

Traveling Alone Overnight

By Skyler F.

Being able to travel alone is a great privilege of the program, although the travel rules depend on what organization you are with. I was recently able to visit one... keep reading

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