Mountains of Murray
Me being on a ferry in SD with the American Flag

Julia H.

Hometown: Bayreuth, Germany


 I am Julia, a German exchange student and I am spending this year in beautiful Murray, Utah. I grew up on a farm in Upper Franconia, Bavaria, so I love being around animals. I have been playing classical trumpet for 7 year and because I don’t only want to experience new in my study area, I decided to join the Marching Band of my High school. 
I am excited to take you on my adventurous journey and hope to inspire you to do one. 🎺🇩🇪🇺🇸


The American Christmas

By Julia H.

Christmas is a very special time of the year where you spend especially time with your family. But what is it like to be with a different family, with different traditions and a complete different environment?

School & Thanksgiving

By Julia H.

School is definitely something different in the US. Here are some tips that helped me immensely in my school life and ofc I also have to talk about Thanksgiving

My firsts in the US

By Julia H.

Hey, There are many firsts that I have already experienced and I’m keen to share a few with you. Apart from Marching Band and foot ball games. I want to... keep reading

From Germany to USA- What was the first impression of life and High School like

By Julia H.

Life in the States is quite different but also similar to Germany. So let’s see…

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