The American Christmas

Authored By:

Julia H.

Heyyy, how is your Advent time?

It’s crazy how fast time flies by, it feels like yesterday that Thanksgiving was and now is almost Christmas!!!🎅 Though I have to say, it does not feel like next Sunday/Monday is Christmas. Schools has keeping me especially in December very busy and I didn’t had the chance to lay back and think about it. But I’m happy that since the 20th the Christmas break starts, so I can get into the feeling. This year is quite special because normally it snows a lot in Utah, but this year it has only snown once and there is no snow at the moment but I’m hoping for a White Christmas. Last week we decorated our Christmas tree and the house, I even decorated my room for Christmas and I have a tiny tree in my room. I don’t really have homesickness for Christmas but I have to say, Christmas is different here. I was very excited when I went with friends and my family to a real Christkindlmarkt in Utah. It was amazing!! And I was sent way too much candy, so I don’t know how that all will be eaten. Haha. I gave some candy to my host family and they liked it a lot. I gave them Lebkuchen from Nuremberg. The Saturday before Christmas, I will be baking Christmas cookies with some other exchange students. 
I’m especially excited for Christmas because the dad and brother+ wife of my host mom are coming and some friends of my host dad, so it will be a big celebration and it will feel very much like Christmas. Very much like family. And what I have to say because of this year abroad, I cook and bake more than at home, I found some great recipes from Germany that just taste amazing! And because of the break I can finally lay a bit back. And soon I will start to go skiing! 🎿⛷️

Well Christmas is coming…..🎅🦌☃️