March in the USA - my experiences

Authored By:

Phillip G.

During my spring break, I was lucky enough to take an unforgettable trip to San Francisco with my host family. The city on the Pacific captivated us right from the start. Our first stop was the impressive Golden Gate Bridge. As we approached, I couldn't take my eyes off this majestic red bridge that stretched elegantly across the bay. We took plenty of photos and enjoyed the panoramic view of San Francisco while the cool ocean breeze blew around us. The next day, we decided to explore the beaches of San Francisco. Ocean Beach was simply breathtaking. The endless strip of golden sand stretched out before us as the waves of the Pacific gently crashed against the shore. We took our time. It was very warm, but unfortunately the water of the Pacific was still very cold. Another of our destinations was the famous prison island of Alcatraz. The boat trip there was an experience in itself, with spectacular views of the San Francisco skyline and the surrounding islands. On Alcatraz itself, it felt almost spooky, considering that some of America's most notorious criminals were once imprisoned here. We explored the cells, heard the stories of escape attempts and felt transported back to the past of this place. Afterwards, we couldn't miss a ride on the famous cable car. The characteristic ringing of the bell and the rattling of the carriages on the steep streets of San Francisco was an unforgettable experience. It's especially cool when you're standing outside on the running board, because then you get the wind in your face and have a much better view. On this ride we were also able to admire the steep and winding Lombard Street. The days passed far too quickly, but our memories of this trip will stay with us forever. The diversity, culture and energy of San Francisco really impressed me. It was an incredibly beautiful trip.

I've been doing track at my high school since the beginning of spring. I do the 100m and 200m sprint events and I really enjoy it. We usually train 6 times a week and one of these days is always a meet where we compete against other high schools. 

We have a lot of concerts with the jazz band at my high school at the moment. These are always very nice, also because other high schools usually perform in the same concert and you can hear the music of the others.

Since I am in the US with the CBYX program, I was lucky enough to meet with a member of the US House of Representatives last week. We talked about many everyday differences in the two cultures and how he got into politics.