A host family and much more

Authored By:

Enza F.

I knew who my host family was on March 23, 2023, how could I forget? Marsha, Wayne and a little cat Rhonda! I was so excited to start getting to know them and meeting them that a few days later, I texted Marsha and we started chatting and sharing  a few moments from our lives. We made a call with them, my mom and I, and if I could go back, I think I would make at least one more call because it allowed us to talk more and really see each other. I was so lucky to get to know my host family so quickly.                                                                 August 3, 2023 is another date I'll NEVER forget. I was on the escalators at the airport picking up my suitcase when the other exchange student traveling with me said "Welcome Enza". I replied "thank you" but she told me to look behind me and there they were with a big "Bienvenue Enza To California" sign. I ran and hugged Marsha, she  kissed me three times on the cheek  because she thought it was a Belgian tradition… She figured out later that it wasn’t hehe . We left the airport once I got my suitcase and my adventure really began...


Marsha and Wayne are INCREDIBLE host parents, they supported me when I was homesick, they always make sure I'm comfortable, they are always present for me.  If I had to give one piece of advice about host families, it would be not to be afraid to communicate, it makes things so much easier when you find the words to say what's on your heart. I also have met Miranda, Marsha's daughter, Steve, Jenelle, Gabe, Jake and so many other wonderful people... they're an integral part of this adventure. I'm so grateful to share this experience with them. They're doing their best to make me discover California and American culture. I've shared a lot of moments with them that mean a lot to me, the big ones and the small ones too. They're making this one of the best years of my life.  

Marsha, Wayne, Miranda, Steve, Jenelle, Jake, Gabe and all my friends, if you're passing by, THANK YOU, I can't tell you enough, you're my host family and much more <3