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Phillip G.

Hometown: Hessen, Germany


My time in the USA comes to an End

By Phillip G.

My last month here in the USA is almost over. I played with the band at the graduation ceremony. It was just like in the movies. Everyone was called up... keep reading

Prom and Jazz Trip to Reno

By Phillip G.

The Prom Dance at your high school was on the first Saturday in April and was an unforgettable event full of glitz and glamor. The hall was magnificently decorated with... keep reading

March in the USA - my experiences

By Phillip G.

During my spring break, I was lucky enough to take an unforgettable trip to San Francisco with my host family. The city on the Pacific captivated us right from the... keep reading

The differences between the german and us school systems

By Phillip G.

As an exchange student in the USA, I experience differences in the school system compared to Germany on a daily basis. The structure of the schools here is fundamentally different... keep reading

Adventures on the slopes with my high school's ski team

By Phillip G.

I spent the last week of my Christmas vacation with my host family. We did lots of things together, such as going to the movies or meeting up with friends... keep reading

Thanksgiving and Christmas in the USA

By Phillip G.

Thanksgiving began for me even before the actual Thanksgivingbreak, when we talked about it at school and discussed what we were thankful for. My curiosity grew when I found out... keep reading

Civic Education Workshop in Washington D.C.

By Phillip G.

It's amazing how quickly time flies - I've been in the USA for three months now, and today I'd like to tell you about my highlight of November so far... keep reading

From Germany to the United States, my first Months in the USA

By Phillip G.

On August 1st, the time had finally come - my adventure began. A group flight took me and my fellow travelers from Frankfurt to Washington, D.C. We spent the first... keep reading

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