From Germany to the United States, my first Months in the USA

Authored By:

Phillip G.

On August 1st, the time had finally come - my adventure began. A group flight took me and my fellow travelers from Frankfurt to Washington, D.C. We spent the first two days together in the exciting capital of the United States.

Two days later, on August 3rd, we all went to our host families. My flight took me via Denver to beautiful Boise, the capital of Idaho. My host family was waiting for me at the airport.

It was a really impressive moment for me. My host family really made it easy for me to settle in here. My host brother Bo was incredibly helpful and took me straight to the swim team and marching band. So I was able to meet a lot of people before the school year started. A big thank you for that!

I was never bored because there was always something to do on the weekends. Whether it was with my host family or the church youth group, I went camping with them my first weekend. I had been in contact with my host family since April of this year, and that made the anticipation and preparation for this time much easier.

I have now been here for 10 weeks and have settled in well. I have already had so many unique experiences that I will definitely remember for a long time. One highlight was definitely the highschool homecoming.

I had my birthday a few days ago and was able to celebrate it with my host family and new friends. I will always remember my 16th birthday.

I am happy to share some photos of my first weeks with you.

Your Philipp