My firsts in the US

Authored By:

Julia H.


There are many firsts that I have already experienced and I’m keen to share a few with you. Apart from Marching Band and foot ball games.

I want to Homecoming. It was soo fun and a dream. I felt like I was in a movie. But dances here only last from 7pm to 9pm. My German self was shocked because ours last normally till 3 am. It was so great spending time with my friends. 
Also something that I tried is called -PowderPuff-. It is a game were the girl play football and the guys to the halftime show. It was fun but also difficult because I did not really know what to do. I was told to catch the ball but they did not tell me what to do afterwards. It was very fun though and the halftime performance was quite funny. 
My first football game is rather boring because I did not understand really what they were doing. It took me a few games and lot of explanations to get the hang of it. 
And now food. I would dare to say food is different to European food. Everything is way larger. Sometimes when I see the portions that they serve me at the restaurant, I think to myself, how can ONE person eat all of that. But I also realised that Americans eat very fast, so when I was still eating in all peace, the others were already done. And most of the peole I asked, say that the thought of sparkling water is impossible for them. Well, I think it’s great.
But of course the biggest difference in food is bread. They call toast bread. 

Though some firsts were quite shocking, some were also good and both sides belong to the experience.

So how the Americans say it: See ya!