School & Thanksgiving

Authored By:

Julia H.

A new school can be scary, especially when it is in a completely different country. The pressure of finding new friends and making your place in a new environment. It is definitely a big step out of one‘s comfort zone. But after a short while you get used to it and it feels normal to talk to new people all the time. Something that helped me greatly with finding new friends were clubs and activities. I joined Marching Band and started practicing even before the beginning of school, so on the first day of school, I already knew a bunch of people and had friends to talk to and sit with during lunch. I joined literally every club that I could find, though I was nit really interested into some. And by this I found very quickly my group of people. But ofc this also has to be mentioned: There were some people that I was very close with at the beginning, but now I don’t talk to them anymore. And that is completely normal and fine, don‘t forget that even in the US it‘s just life and it’s normal that you don’t get along with some people. Just talk to people and try to actively look, and never judge someone from their looks because sometimes people, are not like you would think. 

I was very excited for Thanksgiving. In my German school, we had talked about it and I was so keen to finally experience it in real life. And especially my host moms cooking is delicious! !😃 We prepared a bit food the day before, but the big cooking day was the day itself. We were in the kitchen for 5 hours! Preparing all kinds of meals, like Turkey, I was most excited for the pies. It was definitely work and my hostmum, host sister, and me were so tired after it. But it after we have done it, we could eat. It was so delicious and one just wanted to grab a bit of everything. After that, we went on a walk. It was definitely a great experience and similar to the portrayal in movies about it. You should definitely be excited for it.

See ya!