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Elizabeth B.

Teach In Spain Program
Hometown: Orange County, California

I'm a 22-year-old California native looking forward to an inspiring, exciting, and memorable year teaching in Madrid!


The Wonder of Madrid through Fresh Eyes

By Elizabeth B.

After I came back from winter break, I had lived in Madrid for almost 4 months. I had a comfortable routine, beloved nearby eateries, and regular weekday activities. Somehow, I... keep reading

3 Uniquely Magical Reasons to Teach Abroad

By Elizabeth B.

Imagine: you’ve spent years and years dreaming about studying abroad in a magical European city, inspired by your mother’s stories that you’ve begged to hear thousands of times. You finally... keep reading

A Getaway from the City: Reflections on Santiago de Compostela

By Elizabeth B.

One of the pastimes I enjoy most is searching Skyscanner and choosing “Explore Anywhere.” The tangible representation of limitless possibilities make me giddy, and not to mention that my flexibility... keep reading

Living the Dream: My New Life in Spain

By Elizabeth B.

Hola a todos! My name is Elizabeth, and I am so excited to be teaching English in Spain this year. Before I dive into my experiences in Spain, I’ll begin... keep reading

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