CIEE Is Bringing the World to Latin America - New Programs, Scholarships, and More!

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Welcome to week four of CIEE March Madness 2024!

Previously, we announced:

In week four, we announce our goal of bringing the world to Latin America in 2025, including:

  1. New CIEE Programs – We're adding the flexible CIEE Semester In program in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; and Yucatan, Mexico; and we’re now offering CIEE Summer Global Internships in Buenos Aires!
  2. $1.5 Million in Full Semester Scholarships for 100 Students – We will invite 100 students from across America to apply for a full semester scholarship to embrace the rich language, culture, and history of Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico!
  3. Buenos Aires will host the 2025 CIEE Study Abroad Conference – Join us in November 2025 in the historic city of Buenos Aires for the 78th Annual CIEE Study Abroad Conference, featuring a program that will highlight in a special way the magic of Latin America!

Learn more about CIEE commitments to Latin America on our website.

Expansion and Enhancements to the CIEE Latin America Portfolio

Our expanded 2025 Latin America portfolio offers students the option of direct enroll, CIEE Semester In, CIEE Open Campus Block, and other high-demand programs in business, climate/environment/sustainability, health, internships, and more.

CIEE’s Open Campus Block network of programs offer courses on a universal six-week calendar in 20 global cities, including four in Latin America – Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; Monteverde, Costa Rica; and Yucatan, Mexico – making it the ideal program for students from quarter schools or with an interest in embracing a comparative international academic program.


CIEE Latin America Study Abroad Portfolio
ArgentinaBuenos Aires

Liberal Arts

Semester in Buenos Aires

Open Campus Block


January in Buenos Aires

Summer Community Public Health

Summer Intensive Spanish Language

Summer in Buenos Aires

Summer Global Internship 


Liberal Arts

Semester in Santiago

Open Campus Block


January in Santiago

Summer in Santiago

Summer Global Internship 

Costa RicaMonteverde

Sustainability + the Environment

Tropical Ecology + Conservation

Open Campus Block


January in Monteverde

Summer Sustainability + the Environment

Summer Tropical Ecology + Conservation 

Summer in Monteverde

Summer Global Internship 

Dominican RepublicSantiago de Los Caballeros

Liberal Arts


January in Santiago, DR

Summer in Santiago, DR

Summer Community Public Health


Liberal Arts

Semester in Yucatan

Open Campus Block


January in Yucatan

Summer STEM + Society

Summer in Yucatan

Existing ProgramsNew for Spring or Summer 2025

Latin American Student Ambassador Scholarships

We’re committed to increasing student interest in Latin America and will appeal to student influencers to show their peers how exciting and life-changing it can be to embrace Latin culture, people, history, business, fashion, environmental science, and dozens of other learning opportunities. We will offer 100 full semester scholarships to students from across the United States who want to live and learn in one of CIEE’s five exciting Latin American locations as they spread the word about their experience. 

The CIEE Latin American Student Ambassador Scholarships will cover the full cost of any CIEE semester program in Latin America during fall 2025 and spring 2026. Winners of this competitive award will act as ambassadors for their program, sharing their journey with peers through social media and other techniques of storytelling. They will receive a full semester program scholarship and a living stipend of $2,000.

Buenos Aires to host the 78th Annual CIEE Study Abroad Conference in 2025

The 2025 CIEE Study Abroad Conference will take place in Buenos Aires. If you have ideas or are interested in helping us plan the conference, please contact your CIEE Manager of Institutional Relations.

Register now for a webinar on Tuesday, April 9 at noon EDT for a recap and discussion of all the exciting new programs and locations we're launching in 2025 to better serve your students