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Marina T.

Since I've been living in the United States, I started noticing that they use a lot of expressions. I’ve been writing down the ones I like the most and thought it would be nice and maybe useful to share.

  • Stay warm - Common expression used on winter, I've seen it a lot as a way to end emails/ conversations.
  • You bet – An informal way of saying you’re welcome after someone thanks you.
  • On my plate - Responsibilities or tasks that you have, often used as "I have a lot on my plate", meaning they have a lot to do.
  • Right on - Informal way of positively affirming or supporting something. It can mean cool or “you got it”.
  • Play it by the ear - To make a decision spontaneously, according to the situation.
  • Bear with me - Expression used to ask someone for patience, to hear them out.
  • I hear you - Understanding someone's opinion, used even when you do not agree.
  • Off the hook - To be freed from an obligation.
  • Peace of cake - Easy!
  • Scoot over - Make space for someone else, like on a chair for example.
  • Sleep on it - Having more time to think about something before making a decision. 
  • Under the weather - Feeling ill, sick.
  • Give a heads up - Give a warning that something is going to happen, so you are prepared.

I could go on and on, but I think those can give you an idea of the way Americans use expressions. Hope you enjoyed this!

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