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Savannah S.

Business + Culture Barcelona, Spain
Hometown: Westfield, New Jersey

Hi! My name is Savannah, and I am a Senior at Vanderbilt University. I am majoring in Human & Organizational Development and Spanish, and minoring in Psychology. I spent Spring 2022 in Barcelona through CIEE's Busines + Culture program, and I'm so excited to get to share about my experience.


Studying abroad as a female student: Barcelona gender norms and safety tips

By Savannah S.

Studying abroad as a female student was a bit daunting at first! I was worried about my safety as a female foreigner, and I was unsure how I would fit... keep reading

How to make the most of your experience studying abroad anywhere!

By Savannah S.

Break out of your comfort zone Try things you wouldn’t normally or hadn’t tried at all before going abroad! Whether it’s food, opportunities to be independent, to travel, meet new... keep reading

The Art Scene in Barcelona

By Savannah S.

Like many cities abroad, Barcelona has an incredible art scene. Whether it’s museums or street art, you can find so many beautiful and inspirational pieces throughout the city. I wanted... keep reading

Local Dishes You Have to Try While in Barcelona!

By Savannah S.

One of the most exciting parts of traveling abroad is getting to try some of the local cuisine! I had so much fun exploring the food culture in Barcelona, and... keep reading

Your Guide to Site-Seeing In Barcelona, Spain

By Savannah S.

Wondering where to start with local site-seeing? Well, here’s a guide to get you started! One site that you probably already have in mind is La Sagrada Familia. La Sagrada... keep reading

You’re Studying Abroad in Barcelona, Spain? Here’s What You Should Pack.

By Savannah S.

Packing to study abroad in another country can be very overwhelming. Whether you’re going for a few months or a whole year, there is a lot to think about. Even... keep reading

Immersion, Idioma, and Independence: Adjusting to Life in Barcelona, Spain

By Savannah S.

My time in Barcelona was unforgettable and invaluable. I learned and experienced a lot throughout my three months living and taking classes in the city. One of the most important... keep reading

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