HSA Denmark
Student Traveler

Rosemary M.

High School Abroad in Denmark Denmark
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM

I'm spending my sophomore year on Fyn in Denmark! 

I like nature, animals, and reading.


Coast Towns of Fyn

By Rosemary M.

Coast towns of Fyn I’m living on Fyn(foon) this year, it’s the central island of Denmark, located between Jylland (you-land) and Sjæland(shelland) I live in Odense(o-en-suh), the biggest city on... keep reading

What to Take?

By Rosemary M.

Essentials in Denmark After being in Denmark for 2 ½ months, I think I have a pretty good idea of some of the essential items. -A chip card-every card reader... keep reading

School In Denmark

By Rosemary M.

I've been here for almost two months and it feels like a lot less and I've settled in although Danish is still tricky. I'm able to participate in one way... keep reading

Starting My Year In Denmark!

By Rosemary M.

On August 7 I set off from the Albuquerque Airport to arrive at the Copenhagen Airport on August 8. I took three flights, all of which were mostly vacant, and... keep reading

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