Coast Towns of Fyn

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High School Abroad in Denmark

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Rosemary M.

Coast towns of Fyn

I’m living on Fyn(foon) this year, it’s the central island of Denmark, located between Jylland (you-land) and Sjæland(shelland)

I live in Odense(o-en-suh), the biggest city on Fyn but I take a lot of day trips to other cities, particularly coastal towns. These little towns are filled with bright coloured houses and cobbled streets and they’re a lot of fun to walk around in. 

Some of my favourites have been Kerteminde(ker-te-min-ne) and Nyborg(new-bour). 

In Kerteminde my host dad took me to a Viking museum and a tower from which we could see the city and a nature reserve, I also walked around the harbour and a cemetery.

In Nyborg, I first walked to the beach, and then I walked across the city to visit Nyborg Slot, a castle surrounded by parks. 

All these towns have really good bakeries which I recommend visiting.