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Travel Day and Arrivals
By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE
On the day your participant travels, there a few important things to remember: Make sure your participant wears their CIEE t-shirt so that the staff can easily recognize them. Participants...keep reading
School Expectations:
By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE
An important part of your participant’s exploration of their host culture (and language, where applicable) will be immersing themselves into school life and studies. Schools look for a sincere effort...keep reading
Health and Safety
By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE
While participants are on their programs, CIEE’s Support team is ready to help! Once participants depart for their program, the Support team is their primary contact at CIEE. Both parents/guardians...keep reading
Cell Phones
By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE
We know you want your participant to stay connected while they are abroad. There are a few options to consider: Use their United States smartphone on WiFi: With internet calling...keep reading
  • High School in Brazil
    By Trent R.
    Going to school is a BIG part of studying abroad. What a surprise, right? Not really, but because most of the potential exchange students reading this post are probably interested...keep reading
  • GRANADA!!!
    By Ruthanne M.
    Oct 30, 2018 The study abroad program I came to Spain with has 2 trips each semesters and this was the first one of the year. We started in Sevilla...keep reading
  • MOROCCO!!!
    By Ruthanne M.
    Nov 29, 2018 Ya know how before new episodes of shows its like "and here's what you missed on the last episode of _______". I am about to give you...keep reading
  • Q and A
    By Ruthanne M.
    Oct 18, 2018 Hey everyone!! So last week I asked on my instagram story for questions about studying abroad because I feel like sometimes I don't mention certain things since...keep reading

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