Starting My Year In Denmark!

Authored by:
Rosemary M.

On August 7 I set off from the Albuquerque Airport to arrive at the Copenhagen Airport on August 8. I took three flights, all of which were mostly vacant, and walked through quiet airports. I was worried about the level of concern about COVID from my fellow passengers but thankfully everyone I saw was wearing a mask.

When I arrived in Denmark, I walked across the road with my host family to get my COVID test. It only took 72 hours for We then drove home to Odense and I met my host siblings and settled into my new home. I live in a suburb of Odense, so I can easily take the bus or bike to the city centre but I'm also very close to a little forest and some trails. The weekend I arrived it was really hot, so we went the beach a few times! I also visited the harbour and several parks. There are also blackberries bushes everywhere so I ate a lot of fresh blackberries. We've gone to a couple family events so I've gone into the countryside and some little towns and the drive is always so pretty. I'm excited for the rest of my year!




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