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Mary W.

Teach in Thailand Program Thailand
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio


Muay Thai Training Camp

By Mary W.

For the end of 2022, I wanted to try something different and really dive deeper into Thai culture. So during my Christmas break - I booked 4 days and 4... keep reading

Weekend Warrior - How to Plan a Weekend Trip

By Mary W.

Have a three day weekend? Do you want to be a “weekend warrior”? Better yet - want to explore your new home? Here are the steps I go through to... keep reading

My Top 5 Travel Tips

By Mary W.

I’ve been traveling the world for almost 3 years now and here is what I’ve found most helpful along the way! 1. Eat Like Locals My absolute FAVORITE thing to... keep reading

My First Week Teaching in Thailand

By Mary W.

I was placed at a boarding school in Chiang Rai. The first week for anything is pretty exciting so I wanted to give you a breakdown after orientation! Hint: I... keep reading

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