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Isabel M.

Teach in Thailand Program Thailand
Hometown: Chicago, IL, USA

Isabel Matias is a dedicated traveler and TEFL-certified English teacher, who will teach in Thailand for one year at Maryvit School Pattaya. She received her bachelor’s degree in 2023 from the University of Michigan in Psychology and Anthropology. Isabel is passionate about traveling and learning about new cultures: she has been to seventeen countries, most extensively in Thailand, Italy, and Germany, and speaks four languages. Through blogging, Isabel hopes to act as a virtual guide for those traveling or teaching in Thailand by sharing her adventures, insights, and cultural discoveries. To reach Isabel, contact her via Linkedin


Beginners Guide to Teaching in Thailand: Preparing For Your First Week

By Isabel M.

I talked a little bit about Thai schools in comparison to American schools in a previous blog post of mine, Understanding Thai School Culture: Two Weeks in Pattaya. In that... keep reading

Beginners Guide to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

By Isabel M.

One of the most frustrating questions I had before going abroad was, how can I teach English as a second language in Thailand. Every time I searched this on Google... keep reading

Money Matters: Navigating Finances as an Expat Educator in Thailand

By Isabel M.

Let’s get straight to the point: money. Whether you have already accepted a position to teach in Thailand or are still considering applying, you have likely already learned that Thailand... keep reading

From Six Months to a Year: 10 Reasons Why I'm Saying "Yes" to Another Semester

By Isabel M.

Today marks the day I have officially signed my contract to continue teaching in Thailand for another six months! Come May, I will return to Maryvit School Pattaya to continue... keep reading

Settling In: Confronting Homesickness Overseas

By Isabel M.

Every time I tell someone I moved to Italy for six months to study Italian, I receive nothing but praise and fascination with my life of traveling and learning. Similarly... keep reading

Chasing Waterfalls and Wildlife at Khao Yai

By Isabel M.

After a month of living in Thailand, I came across my first long weekend off from school for a total of 4 days. Many fellow Americans I knew planned on... keep reading

From Sunrise to Sunset: A Typical Day as an English Teacher in Thailand

By Isabel M.

Finally, after being in Thailand for about two months, my daily life has settled down from the hectic running around filling out paperwork to a somewhat regular schedule. I emphasize... keep reading

Understanding Thai School Culture: Two Weeks in Pattaya

By Isabel M.

Those who have traveled to other countries have encountered culture shock before. It may be realizing that you pay for water at a restaurant or public restroom. Culture shock may... keep reading

Why to Teach English in Thailand: My Top 10 Reasons

By Isabel M.

Hello lovely readers! I’m Isabel and I’m thrilled to be using this platform to share my journey moving abroad to teach English in Thailand. After graduating from the University of... keep reading

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