Weekend Warrior - How to Plan a Weekend Trip

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Mary W.

Have a three day weekend? Do you want to be a “weekend warrior”? Better yet - want to explore your new home? Here are the steps I go through to plan my long weekend trips!

Step 1: Idea Stage

Get the idea going - talk about a plan to go somewhere either by yourself or see if anyone else is interested. Make a group chat, put it on your instagram story or search pinterest boards. However you want to connect with people to get a good idea to pick a destination! Or if you’re into a solo getaway - go for it!

Step 2: Finalize a Destination

Once the ideas stop flying around it’s time to settle on a destination. You could do a group vote or go with whatever is cheapest (my personal favorite). These two things may help you get a more clear decision on your final destination. After you choose your destination - figure out your transportation.

Step 3: Transportation

Finalizing the transportation is important to do. This is where you research & book your plane tickets, bus tickets and set aside money for taxis. You need to be able to get from point A to point B in a short amount of time. It needs to be reliable and set in stone for convenience. So for weekend trips or short trips - I always book my transportation before accommodation just because it’s harder to work around transportation rather than accommodations. 

Step 4: Accommodation

Step 4 - booking your accommodations! When I book my accommodation I usually try to go the cheaper route. I know I will not be in the room except to sleep on short trips. Hostels are a good way to do this. If there are a lot of people then maybe an airbnb. Try to find your accommodation by the area you want to explore or close to a bus stop/ train station/ airport. Either work and will benefit you cost wise.

Step 5: Excursions

For booking excursions, I always book about two for a three day weekend. Or you could book one and have a relaxing/ exploring day. Anymore than two excursions could prove to be difficult and stressful if you feel like you’re running out of time. Book your adventures or have an idea what you want to do each day. I like to find excursions on google & researching about that area.

And an extra step if you want to be crazy detailed - research top food spots or best clubs & bars!