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Mary W.

For the end of 2022, I wanted to try something different and really dive deeper into Thai culture. So during my Christmas break - I booked 4 days and 4 nights at a Muay Thai training camp in Krabi with Bull Muay Thai. This was the perfect way to challenge myself mentally and physically while appreciating Thai culture. 

Here, I stayed in a bungalow right by the gym. There’s also a stadium nearby where people from the gym compete. You have the option to train one or two sessions a day - one session in the morning and one session at night. I chose to do two sessions a day: each session was two hours long. 

Beginner class went as follows:

  • 10 minutes jumping rope
  • Running
  • Conditioning
  • Stretching
  • Shadow boxing with a trainer
  • Heavy bag work
  • Pad workout with a trainer for 3 rounds
  • Technical training with a partner
  • Cardio training/ heavy bag work
  • Conditioning
  • Stretching


This schedule was very challenging to me but I LOVED it. It reminded me of my gymnastics days when I was younger. It was challenging but very fun. Despite hitting each other- it was a very happy and cheerful environment. My instructors were all Thai and some were even current fighters! 

To prepare for this camp - I really didn’t do too much (and booooy did I feel it). I started Muay Thai about a month ago and have been going consistently three days a week before. The first two days of coming here I was extremely sore, but then my body adjusted to the constant workouts. The Thai massage I got after the second day also helped tremendously. The next two days I got beat up and was definitely tired. I had bruises all over, busted a knuckle and my toenail fell off. Pretty grimey but it gave me so much admiration and respect for those who do this for a living. After the fact, I felt so strong and proud of myself for doing this. I came back to where I live and started doing Muay Thai four days a week & I think I’ll keep doing this for a while!