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Cyd M.

Hometown: Aguada, Puerto Rico

My name is Cyd Marie Miranda, I'm a Puerto Rican and a journalism graduate that got accepted into the CIEE Teach in Spain Basics Program. I love food, occasionally taking pictures of it, but mostly eating it. Also, I love to travel, occasionally complaining about not being able to do it enough, but mostly enjoying the times I do. Lastly,I love learning, occasionally with a book or laptop in hand, but mostly by life's flops or as they now call them "life experiences", but hey, that's me and I'm here ready to blog it all. 


A Teacher is Absent? Call 112! part.1

By Cyd M.

Help! Help! Help! This is what we (I) cry for when a teacher is absent. It is draining and a lot of work and the first time you experience this... keep reading

Kid Talk

By Cyd M.

Every day is a different day in primary school. Some days are filled with love and hugs, other days are filled with arguments and the typical “he said, she said”... keep reading

A Little White Lie

By Cyd M.

They say a little white lie never hurt nobody, well in this case it's true. Don't start by getting offended and giving me the speech about how lying is bad... keep reading

Granada Oh Na Na

By Cyd M.

Solo Traveling Vocabulary: Puente= when you have a long weekend because of a holiday, example you have Thursday and Friday off because it’s a festive day. That weekend there’s a... keep reading

“At least we have a Piso”

By Cyd M.

My PISO STORY Useful vocabulary words: Idealista- Most used page/app to find a room, apartment or house in Madrid Habitación- Room Piso- Floor or most commonly used to say apartment... keep reading

Arriving: Don’t Stress it

By Cyd M.

“WORRYING DOESN’T TAKE AWAY TOMORROW’S TROUBLES; IT TAKES AWAY TODAY’S PEACE”. ANONYMOUS. And this is the journey… I was just one six-hour flight away from Europe and I would enter... keep reading

The rundown on getting TEFL certified with CIEE

By Cyd M.

The horror, the pain, the torture…oh wait, were talking about my TEFL experience not my last visit to the dentist. Oops, never mind, wrong post. Let me start by saying... keep reading

6 reasons why I chose to get TEFL certified when it wasn't required

By Cyd M.

Have you ever heard the story about the ant and the grasshopper? The story where the ant saves food during the whole year to prepare for winter while the grasshopper... keep reading

From Hurricane Maria to Teaching in Spain

By Cyd M.

This is the story that explains what motivated me to apply to the CIEE, so get ready and grab some popcorn because these 1,000 words start my journey. It was... keep reading

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