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Cyd M.



Every day is a different day in primary school. Some days are filled with love and hugs, other days are filled with arguments and the typical “he said, she said”, but by far my favorite days are the ones were I can see the kids personalities thru their witty Spanglish comments.

At times, children’s affection, curiosity and honesty can be as funny and classic as a slip with a banana peel.  Kid’s imagination and innocence sometimes is best expressed thru their personality and quick (and sometimes brutal) comments. Numerous of times I have had “conversations” with kids that leave me crying of laughter.I believe these witty and funny moments with kids should be shared and if you´re a new aux this will prepare you for the mayhem that is yet to come.

Just like me, there are thousands of auxiliars in Madrid with thousands of stories. Here are a couple to give you an insight into what we are working with in a primary school in Madrid.


From Another Planet

Thursday’s my last classes are with 5 year olds in infantile (you can already imagine). One day when I was arriving at the classroom they looked at me and screamed with joy “llegó la profe que solo habla Inglés” which was then followed up with them asking me something in Spanish and me, as I usually do, try to make them say at least one word in English (because their only 5year old) and I try to help. As I’m helping one student hits the other in the arm looks at him dead in the eye and with all seriousness says “Ella no entiende, es que es de otro planeta”. I can’t hold my laughter and I just smile and start explaining the difference between planet and country.

Cyd Marie Miranda, Villanueva del Pardillo, Primary 


Wiggle Wiggle

So I had a student and he was laying on the ground kind of inert and I was worried about him. I asked him if he was okay and he just looked up at me and said "I’m a worm".

Amanda Marie, San Lorenzo, Primary


Thousand Year Old Aux

I like to wear a lot of jewelry, like multiple rings, 2 on each hand. So right before 2nd grade went to perform during the Christmas concert, they were waiting in another room and this one girl is holding my hand and looking at my rings and asks me, "Tienes dos maridos?" (It was the last day before break and her English was low, so I just responded in Spanish) I held out both hands to show her all 4 rings and joked, "Sí, hija, tengo cuatro." She gasps and says, "Muy mal, sólo puedes tener uno!" I then tried to reassure her, "No, no tranquila! Es una broma, no estoy casada. Simplemente me gustan los anillos." She looks me up and down and said, "Pues, cásate ya, hija, que ya eres muy mayor para casarte."  My jaw is on the floor, but just for the fun of it I asked her how old she thought I was. She said, "MIL" and spun on her little heel and went to go perform. I was 24 by the way! 

Nicole Tauster, El Pardo, Primary

Literal Blah Blah Blah

The teacher that I am assisting with always explain to the students the instructions whenever they will have an exam, she will say like 
"number 1. What color is it? And you will answer like, it's color bla bla bla" (and she really means that blablabla would be their answers)

And one day, I have an oral exam with them one by one and all of their answer are with blablabla. What color is it? It's color blablabla, how old are you? I'm blablabla, what's your name? My name is blablabla.

Mary Angellou, Primary


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