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Angela C.

Aldie, Virginia, United States
Hometown: Germany

Hello everyone! My name is Angela and I am an exchange student from Germany. I am going to live for a whole school year in the US (specifically in Virginia) with my hostfamily.


Highschool Is An Adventure In The US!

By Angela C.

Lets go *clapping hands* Lets go knights!! My school theme are knights. Soon as I am getting close to my school, I see signs with logos (shield and swords) of... keep reading

Pepreally at my highschool!

By Angela C.

When I asked one of my teachers the day before what “Pep Rally” is, she said, “It's very loud.” That really didn't help me, so I had to wait and... keep reading

Evacuation of the German Airport – nearly passed NY orientation days

By Angela C.

At August 7th I was supposed to fly on an airplane from Frankfurt to the airport Newark. Everything was fine, we said sadly said goodbye to our families and went... keep reading

First contact with my future hostfamily cross over the Atlantic

By Angela C.

I am one of the students, who got their family very soon. It was on February the 22 nd when I got the email that CIEE had found a host... keep reading

My Orientation DAY in New York City

By Angela C.

The original dates for my orientation days were between August 7th to 10th. But because of the challenges with my flight, I arrived with my group two days later than... keep reading

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