Highschool Is An Adventure In The US!

Authored By:

Angela C.

Lets go *clapping hands* Lets go knights!! 

My school theme are knights. Soon as I am getting close to my school, I see signs with logos (shield and swords) of my school on streetlights and I’m getting excited.

School is a huge part of an exchange year. I spent nearly my whole day in school, but it’s totally fine. 

School is fun for me here. I took classes like creative writing, psychology or culinary arts which are really interesting and fun. 

I was trying to choose classes we don’t have in Germany. Just try something new you are interested in.

In school I can also see my friends. Even the teachers are really friendly, and it’s always nice to talk to them.

Studying in an American high-school is very exciting for me. There are so many different things that are going on. 

I’m on a big school with approximately 1,660 students. That’s why we have a huge offer of classes and clubs.

We got clubs like peel, sources of strength and many others. These clubs are making school much more exciting then it is anyways. Sometimes they are waiting behind the entry, standing in a line and are giving every student high fives in the morning. Another time they put post it notes on every single locker with motivation slogans.

On my first day of school, when I stepped out of the bus, the entry was surrounded by cheerleaders and the marching band was playing. I was so deeply impressed. For me it was such an exciting start of the school, and a moment I won’t forget my whole life.

There are also a lot of special events, like spirit week. In the spirit week we got everyday a different topic, and we should dress up like it. In my school a lot of students did really dress up, and even a lot of teachers!

In the Christmas time the teachers had an ugly sweater contest.

In my opinion, school alone is already an adventure here!