Pepreally at my highschool!

Authored By:

Angela C.

When I asked one of my teachers the day before what “Pep Rally” is, she said, “It's very loud.” That really didn't help me, so I had to wait and see. The next morning, when I walked inside the school I heard circus music. Should I be scared? First, I thought it was coming from the library because it was decorated with Halloween decoration, too and they were also playing music.

I was on my way to my class with a friend when I saw it. The hallway was completely decorated. It had a red glow from the flood lights. There were dolls, streamers, posters, etc. On the left and the right side were tables with students behind them, who were selling popcorn. That was the senior hallway. Their theme was clowns. We walked through it and I was fascinated to see how much work they put in. There were speakers in classrooms playing music or crazy laughing sounds. I was very impressed.

We walked through the school and also found the Junior and Sophomores hallways. The theme of the Juniors were zombies. They decorated the hallway like a virus broke out and they had posted warning signs to not enter the hallway. I don't know why I didn't film this, but I did get some pictures. The Juniors also had speakers, but just with scary sounds and no music.

The Sophomore theme was witches. All of their hallways looked really great decorated. The decoration were awesome and the always very long. It was just amazing. They had spiderwebs everywhere and cut out witches.

Classes were abridged, and in the middle of the day the whole school met at the auxilium gym. Everyone was just yelling. Each grade was separated into their own spot. Seniors, Juniors, Sophomore & Freshmen. Most of us wore our class colors. At first, the cheerleaders performed. Then one by one the school teams walked in and we yelled very loud. The Pep Rally was there to support our sport teams and to motivate them.

At the end, the different grades had little contest against each other (like tug war.) In the end, they announced the winners of all the contests and I realized that the decorated hallways and spirit week were also contests.

Afterwards, we had to go back to our classes again, but this awesome feeling was still everywhere.