When stones feed plants - farming on Kaua'i

Authored By:

Jan Steffen P.

Today we examined a new project on the farm, a so called "raised bed." In farming, you call this a structure like the one you see up top. The basic idea is to combine rock and soil. On the bottom, you have a layer of small rocks. This works as a water draining system to prevent that your plants roots sit in too much water. Then you add soil that is mixed with fine grinded rock, called rock dust. We bought ours straight from the quarry at the South Shore. The rock dust is full with minerals, calcium, magnesium and a number of other compounds, that help seedlings grow faster. Then you plant the herb of your choice and add irrigarion. We chose this specific shape to be able to access the raised bed from every side.

According to the boss, the plants will grow twice as fast. The ocean view might help as well.

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