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Jan Steffen P.

25 year old German working on Kaua'i, Hawaii
Hometown: Hamburg


Keep it local - eating smoked pig

By Jan Steffen P.

The 4th of July is a special day, even on the rock at the end of the world called Kaua'i, where I am at. I got invited over by my... keep reading

When stones feed plants - farming on Kaua'i

By Jan Steffen P.

Today we examined a new project on the farm, a so called "raised bed." In farming, you call this a structure like the one you see up top. The basic... keep reading

A healing fruit in paradise

By Jan Steffen P.

Raves, waves and Ruffles Hot Wings Flavored Potato Chips: Here's what's going on on Kaua'i, Hawaii

About the author

By Jan Steffen P.

I'm a young man, exactly in my mid-twenties. Currently living on the island of Kaua'i, in the US state of Hawaii. Ended up on this rock at the end of... keep reading