Keep it local - eating smoked pig

Authored By:

Jan Steffen P.

The 4th of July is a special day, even on the rock at the end of the world called Kaua'i, where I am at. I got invited over by my friends for this holiday, to join the family feast.

The day before, they showed me proudly a giant cooler, with a 110lb dead pig in it. "Hunted down yesterday, the brother I bought it from had 10 of these on the back of his truck!" From the mountain to the table. It got spiced and smoked for ten hours. On July 4th, I arrived in the afternoon at their house. They live up in the mountains, "mauka" side in Hawaiian. In the driveway, I see the typical Toyota Tacoma trucks, customized and lifted, lined up. We sat in the driveway, drinking beer and trying to throw firecrackers in a bucket on the street until it was time for eating. I can't recall ever eating something so tender and juicy in my life. A fresh salad as a side, that's all you need. Thank you!