How Teaching English in China Can Go Beyond Education

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CIEE Teach Abroad

It’s no secret that teaching English abroad can be a great steppingstone for those looking for a career in education, internationally or domestically. It’s also a fantastic resume booster for any career! Teaching English abroad leaves you with international work experience and unique skills that will serve anyone’s professional life. Of course, teaching abroad so you can simply travel, grow and see the world is completely acceptable, but if you’re looking to teach abroad as a career move, you might want to consider more deeply about where you choose to go.

Teaching English in China has always been quite popular for ambitious teachers who are seeking a higher paycheck and lots of opportunity, or those simply interested in experiencing the unique culture and history. But teaching in China can provide relevant experience for careers far beyond travel and education. China is a global superpower and marketplace for many important industries, making it an ideal location for those looking to kickstart their career.

An Economic Powerhouse

When discussing China’s many highlights, their modern and booming cities often makes the top of the list.  When it comes to the global economy and marketplace, China is a key player. In addition, China is also a key player in our global politics for reasons that would go beyond this simple blog post. The point is, for those seeking careers in economics, finance, business and international relations, choosing to gain working experience in China should be a top priority.

Cultural Experience

No matter where in the world you go, cultures and customs are going to be far different from you’re used to in the United States. China in particular, is far different from what any Western country is accustomed to. ESL teachers who are working and living in China are able to learn an incredible amount Chinese culture, customs, practices and morals.  

This is key knowledge for anyone who must work with Chinese citizens on a professional level. Even though teaching as practice may not directly connect with making business deals, the deep connections and knowledge of Chinese culture will be highly sought after.

Language Experience

One of the many benefits of fully immersing oneself in a new country is learning a new language. In addition to experience with Chinese culture, knowing a second language like Mandarin would set anyone apart from the crowd. When it comes to international relations, political or economic, language experience is an incredible asset and would provide anyone with a competitive edge in the work force.

Teach English in China

One of the amazing parts about becoming an English teacher in China is that almost anyone can do it, after becoming TEFL or TESOL certified, In China, there is a huge demand for English teachers making job opportunities endless and pay competitive. By teaching English in China, you’ll not only be able to explore an incredible county with rich history and culture, but you’ll also be able to give yourself a leg up as you enter your desired career field.