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Since 1997, CIEE has been successfully and safely sending teachers to China for an incredible life experience. Despite reservations those have on visiting or living there, China is actually a bucket list adventure waiting to be discovered. Most importantly, China is so much more than what you read in the headlines. In fact, it’s an incredible destination for English teachers with an immense amount of professional and travel opportunities.


The demand for English teachers in China is very high, and even those without degrees in education or much experience are able to land excellent teaching jobs. The kinds of positions can vary from elementary age children up through university level, all available in bustling cities like Shanghai. In addition, the pay in China is very competitive, and teachers are not only able to comfortably live off their salaries, but they are often able to save money as well. And to live even more comfortably, teachers can enjoy rent-free furnished apartments!


China is well known for its modern cities and man-made wonders of the world such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, but there’s so much more to discover beyond this. China is also home to incredible landscapes, wildlife, and a rich history making it a place with something for everyone. And with brand new airports and high-speed trains, traveling around China has never been easier!

While living in China you could visit the rainbow mountains of the Zhangye Danxia Landform.

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Or the incredibly modern city of Chongqing

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The exciting and populous city of Shanghai, home to stunning skylines and delicious street food.

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By partnering with reputable schools who provide visas and work permits, you can work in China with peace of mind knowing you are there 100% legally. China’s crime rates are far lower than the United States so teachers can comfortably and safely settle into their new homes. Many worry about having trouble with the laws in China but in reality, China is not too different than anywhere else you might live. Even if you don’t agree with some policies, as long as you are respectful and mindful of the laws that are in place, then you will have no problem living there in peace. Not too different than where you live, right?

The Chinese culture might be a far cry from what you are used to at home, but since when is that a reason not to go explore it? As an English teacher in China, you’ll have incredible professional opportunities, the experience of traveling where many choose not to, and the chance to challenge yourself as an individual.

So, what are you waiting for? Teach English in China and start your adventure today!


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