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After competing her undergrad in elementary education at Wichita State University, Hannah P. decided to expand her worldview of education and start her journey teaching English and China! Her intentions as a teacher abroad was to experience a new culture and to become a better teacher in the process. Read on to see how Hannah was able to achieve her goals!

Why did you choose to Teach English Abroad?

I wanted to experience a different culture from my own and become a better teacher in the process.

How did teaching abroad impact you personally?

It made me more aware of other cultures and made me more understanding of how people are different than me.

What is your current job, and do you use any skills you developed while teaching abroad?

Teacher, I am more patient and try to understand the kids and what could be influencing the kid’s behavior.

Do you have any memorable moments from the classroom?

One of my kids couldn’t say my name properly so he would always call me Nana and would tell me he loves me every day.

What advice would you give to someone considering Teaching Abroad?

I would tell them to live in the moment and to try to understand the situation before you react because how they understand the situation could be completely different from you.


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