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  • Museum Island
    By Erin Munsie at CIEE
    SO. MUCH. HISTORY!! Students visited Museumsinsel , an island FILLED with museums right in the center of the city. From art, to history, to culture - students had access to...keep reading
  • Schwarzlicht Mini-Golf!
    By Erin Munsie at CIEE
    After SO much history and culture, it was time to take a break and play some black light mini golf in Berlin! Lots of fun and lots of laughs were...keep reading
  • 1936 Olympic Stadium
    By Erin Munsie at CIEE
    Eighty three years ago, the world took notice of the city of Berlin as they hosted the Olympic Summer Games. We were lucky enough to visit this historic site, which...keep reading
  • Baltic Weekend
    By Marvin Vann Griffith at CIEE
    Berlin is like Muenster cheese--pungent, delicious, exotic, but intense. Once in a while, you want to take a break. It was a great pleasure watching our students relax and even...keep reading
  • Straßenphotographie
    By Marvin Vann Griffith at CIEE
    Professional photographer and videographer Hendrick Leitmann (check out his book, *Wedding Photos*, or his film about Marlene Dietrich) shared some of the tricks of his trade, then challenged our students...keep reading

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