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  • ❤️Farewell and Obrigada ❤️
    By Jamison Reichert at CIEE
    As the group closed out our final days in Lisbon, we spent a night under the stars observing and reflecting about life beyond what we knew and what we know...keep reading
  • Snorkeling Adventure
    By Jamison Reichert at CIEE
    Bom Dia! It was an early morning as we walked along the canal to our snorkeling boats. Yes, there were still yawns, but the excitement overtook the sleepiness! We leaders...keep reading
  • Dolphin Watching
    By Lisette Aguila at CIEE
    We boarded small colorful boats for 12 people each to then speed into the ocean. Although feeling seasick and having taken anti-nausea precautions, we were still ready and excited to...keep reading
  • Beach Clean-Up!
    By Jamison Reichert at CIEE
    "Our beaches are the bridge between our world and the ocean." - Undersea Bikini The students spent an evening learning and reflecting not only about the type of waste found...keep reading
  • Wow Week 3!
    By Maxine Eisenberg at CIEE
    We have arrived in Lagos in the south of Portugal for a final week of learning and exploring. Everyone was sad to leave the field station we stayed in outside...keep reading
  • Let the Surfing BEGIN!
    By Jamison Reichert at CIEE
    Here are a couple of photos from surfing! Some students were able to stand up on their first try! Others were able to by the end of the lesson. No...keep reading
  • Beach and City Adventures
    By Maxine Eisenberg at CIEE
    We have had such a busy and incredible first week. We started off in Lisbon where students had a surf lesson. A surprisingly large number of them got to standing...keep reading
  • Prisons & Parks!
    By Jing Cox-Orrell at CIEE
    Hi to CIEE Family & Friends! We've still been busy venturing out of Murdoch University, visiting the town of Fremantle and exploring one of the largest innercity greenspaces; King's Park,...keep reading

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