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  • Weekend Trip to the Ashanti Region
    By Rachel McGowan at CIEE
    This weekend the Global Navigators made the beautiful, bumpy journey to the Ashanti region, visiting the city of Kumasi and two nearby villages to learn more about the rich culture...keep reading
    Reflections on Service
    By Rachel McGowan at CIEE
    Each day, students reflect on their experiences at service through writing in their journals. Today, they share their thoughts on their service experience thus far. "It's super fun to work...keep reading
  • Basket Weaving and Service Work
    By Rachel McGowan at CIEE
    Students continue to embark on an adventure in Ghana as Global Navigators. Some of the activities that they are exploring include dancing, basket weaving lessons, and participating in service at...keep reading
  • Akwaaba! (Welcome!)
    By Rachel McGowan at CIEE
    After flights filled with adventure and unexpected twists and turns, everyone arrived safely in Ghana and was greeted with a warm welcome from the CIEE Legon staff. We have been...keep reading
  • A student's Perspective
    By Harriet Browne at CIEE
    Bead Making The road to the bead factory was narrow, bumpy, heavy with traffic, and after such a rocky ride, I and many others expected to see something more or...keep reading
  • Life In Ghana
    By Harriet Browne at CIEE
    Agoo, Welcome to week two of CIEE Global Navigation Study Abroad tour in Ghana. The Global navigators have been volunteering at three service sites in Accra. The sites are Shalom,...keep reading
  • Life in Ghana
    By Harriet Browne at CIEE
    Agoo(Meaning Attention in Twi) Service Learning: CIEE students were thrilled to reach the following service learning sites on Wednesday: Crystal School of Excellence; Shalom Home Educational Center; and Future Leaders,...keep reading

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