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  • The Kids are Coming Home!!!
    By Margot Pinckney at CIEE
    That's right. Tomorrow morning (or, depending on from what time zone you view the events, the day after), the Global Discoverers are returning to the states. It's been an amazing...keep reading
  • Hike to the Temple of Heaven
    By Margot Pinckney at CIEE
    There's been quite a few long walks on this trip. Yesterday's lead us to the Temple of Heaven, built in order for the emperor to pray for improved agricultural conditions...keep reading
    Make friends with Chinese kids
    By Ru Si at CIEE
    Our students are not only making friend with their host family siblings, but also try to integrate into the community and interact with local kids. Here is a short video...keep reading
  • National Museum
    By Ting Li at CIEE
    We visited the Chinese National Museum. It used to be divided with the Museum of Chinese revolution on one side and the National Museum of Chinese History on the other,...keep reading
  • Students interacting with Chinese peer.
    By Ru Si at CIEE
    One of the important academic components in our program is community conversation. During this activity, students apply their speaking skill by interviewing a Chines person on campus. It allows students...keep reading
    General Guidelines and the Summer Palace
    By Margot Pinckney at CIEE
    With only three more days before their final presentations, the students are in the final stretch of this Global Discovery journey. It was the last day of Cross-Cultural Communications Training,...keep reading
  • Sustainable Water
    By Margot Pinckney at CIEE
    Today was a busy day for our Discoverers. We switched the usual schedule to have a field trip in the morning. The students explored the Qing He (Qing River) and...keep reading
  • Taichi Class
    By Ting Li at CIEE
    We had our Taiji class, which was very interesting and different from what I expected. we all tried our best to follow our instructor, who was very kind and calming.keep reading

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