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  • Escape!!!!
    By Anne Lawrenson at CIEE
    This week students got to use the French skills they have been perfecting to play an escape game! This was a new experience for everyone, as no one had done...keep reading
  • Visit to Cornouaille
    By Margaret Schmidt at CIEE
    This past weekend we had an exciting overnight trip to the Cornouaille region of la Bretagne. We were deep in Breton culture, where all the street and road signs appeared...keep reading
  • Classes and school life
    By Julia Ullmann at CIEE
    Every day students take intensive classes in the morning, 9.30-12.30. They are in 3 different classes, based on intensity of French. Each week students are working on the project, either...keep reading
  • Learning about Breton Culture
    By Margaret Schmidt at CIEE
    Students are learning daily about what it means to be a "Rennais" or "Rennaise", residents of the city of Rennes who are both French and Breton. We've met people who...keep reading
  • Making our mark on Rennes!
    By Anne Lawrenson at CIEE
    Today Session 2 students had a chance to learn about graffiti and street art by taking a tour with local artists. They learned the history of graffiti and got to...keep reading
  • St Malo Visit
    By Julia Ullmann at CIEE
    Ahhh.... the visit to St Malo, beautiful coastal city. The weather couldn't be any nicer and water any more blue and green. Event he best cameras couldn't capture the increadible...keep reading
  • Getting to know Rennes!
    By Margaret Schmidt at CIEE
    Our first week in Rennes included several guided visits of the Centre Ville, but in non-traditional ways. We discovered some of the history of Rennes via a "Rallye de 5...keep reading

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