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  • Paris Plages
    By Tracy Clark at CIEE
    In July some of the quais of the Seine are transformed into "beaches" for the Parisians who are not able to leave the city for vacation. Sand, lounge chairs, beach...keep reading
  • Croissants, anyone?
    By Deborah Rosen at CIEE
    Last week, students were divided up into three groups and rotated cultural activities each day. One of the days, the students were treated to a visit to Le Petit Mitron,...keep reading
  • Mosquée de Paris
    By Elaina Loyd at CIEE
    This week, students have been split into three groups visiting various cultural sites around Paris. One of our visits included a visit to the Mosquée de Paris. Students learned about...keep reading
  • Allons-y en Normandie!
    By Samantha McCartney at CIEE
    After class on Friday, with bags packed, we headed to Normandy for a weekend in the country! We were greeted by a welcoming staff at our petit chalet, and students...keep reading
  • Fresh Perspective on a Farm
    By Mackenzie A. at CIEE
    In Normandy, we visited a "biologique" organic farm. The head farmer happily gave us a tour of the facility, friendly animals, and some of his ethical considerations--all in French, of...keep reading
  • Communications Créative
    By Mackenzie A. at CIEE
    Before our visit to Bercy Skatepark, level II students generated questions for our Ozlefrançais activity to ask about how the 12th arrondissement and Bercy neighborhood supports artists and creative young...keep reading

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