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  • Day Trip!
    By Rachel Williams at CIEE
    This past weekend the students had the opportunity to spend time with their host families. Students had the opportunity to experience what families in Mohammedia do during their time off...keep reading
  • Week 1 - Student Takeover!
    By Rachel Williams at CIEE
    My first week in Morocco went unexpected, but in the most amazing and unforgettable way. I was exposed to many new and different experiences which allowed me to interact with...keep reading
  • Active Service Site Intro
    By Rachel Williams at CIEE
    Today we had the awesome opportunity to go to our active service site and meet some of the students and leadership we'll be working with there! We listened to some...keep reading
  • We're All Here!
    By Rachel Williams at CIEE
    After some flight delays and sitting in airports, everyone is here! Yesterday the students who arrived had the chance to meet their host families and get some rest. Students enjoyed...keep reading
  • Magical Marrakesh
    By Kamera Bracey at CIEE
    This weekend our students travelled to Marrakesh and Ourika Valley, which is located in the Atlas Mountains. Marrakesh is known for its busy city center and amazing Moroccan artistry. Instead...keep reading
  • A Day in Rabat
    By Kamera Bracey at CIEE
    After the language and culture students visited us in Mohammedia, it was our turn to see them in Rabat. One of my favorite moments included visiting an unfinished mosque where...keep reading
  • Environmental Awareness
    By Kamera Bracey at CIEE
    This week students participated in a two part environmental workshop. Students tackled the issues of global warming, waste, and environmental sustainability. Students reflected on environmental awareness both here in Morocco...keep reading
  • Tajine Tuesday
    By Kamera Bracey at CIEE
    Students participated in a cultural cooking class with local youths from the youth center on Tuesday. They got to practice their language skills with the kids from the youth center,...keep reading
  • Mar7aba
    By Kamera Bracey at CIEE
    Mar7aba is the Moroccan Arabic word for Welcome. As the first week came to an end, our students were welcomed with love and hospitality from their homestays, service site, and...keep reading

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