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  • Bailando, bailando, bailando
    By Melanie Costello at CIEE
    Yesterday, after a day of Spanish classes, and completing their community conversations in the park, students had another dance class! They were able practice the 3 Latin dances of Merengue,...keep reading
  • Estamos aprendiendo
    By Christena Svoboda Ojeda at CIEE
    We continue to learn about the Mexican and Yucatecan cultures through our everyday interactions at home, at school, and in the community. Expert chefs and professional dance instructors provided classes...keep reading
  • Último Día en CAIMEDE
    By Jennifer Tubbs at CIEE
    Our last day at the service site was bittersweet - we began by sharing cookies and donuts with the children and ended by painting a mural on the garden walls...keep reading
  • Conversaciones con los locales
    By Melanie Costello at CIEE
    Here you will see that I snapped some great photos of the Language & Culture students putting their language skills to the test talking to the locals for their Community...keep reading
  • Cultural Activities
    By Christena Svoboda Ojeda at CIEE
    At least twice a week our Language and Culture students are able to experience and partake in an additional cultural activity, led by local experts. Two favorites have been our...keep reading
  • Students Hard at Work!
    By Jennifer Tubbs at CIEE
    After two weeks at CAIMEDE, a government-run orphanage, our students have volunteered in almost every capacity. From painting the dormitories to weeding the garden, students have lent a hand in...keep reading
  • Grupo 1 Out and About
    By Christena Svoboda Ojeda at CIEE
    Today Grupo 1 had two mini field trips during school. First, we went to a supermarket close to the CIEE center with our Spanish Language Instructor, Josué. Josué explained some...keep reading
  • Pitaya in Piste
    By Christena Svoboda Ojeda at CIEE
    On Friday afternoon we left our host city of Mérida for our excursion weekend. Our first stop was Piste, a traditional Mayan village. We had some time to explore the...keep reading

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