Where Art Reigns- The Reina Sofia Art Museum

Authored by:
Rachael Zahn

Rachael Zahn

Do you like art? Is it necessary? 

What attracts you to this work? What makes you cross the room to take a closer look? What makes you stay and look at it? 

Does the art make you think of anything? Dreams, struggle, love, good/evil, childhood, spirituality, hope, poetry, a puzzle, your cat, a cup of coffee? 

When we first arrived at the Reina Sofia the students were excited to see Picasso's Guernica. A short history of Guernica: a painting representing the bombing on an innocent civilian only town during WW2, bombed with permission by the dictator of Spain. The painting has become a national symbol of the violence and terror of war. Years after Picasso painted Guernica he had a conversation with a Nazi soldier who was looking at Guernica and he asked Picasso, "did you do this," (in refrence to the painting) and Picasso said, "no, you did." 

There were many other modern art sights to see and the students had a good time trying to guess the meaning behind the pieces. 

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