A Weekend Excursion in Segovia

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Spanish Language & Culture

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Bethany Hansen

During our last full weekend in Spain, we got the opportunity to spend some quality time with our friends exploring a new city: Segovia! After leaving early Saturday morning on a private bus (with a bus driver who had very specific taste in music that he wanted to share with us all), we made a stop at a lake to eat lunch, play beach volleyball, kayak, and swim. Two flipped kayaks and 50 ice cream bars later, we reboarded the bus to take us to the historical city of Segovia. While a small city, many remarkable things awaited us there: an 818-meter-long acqueduct that is considered the most impressive standing Roman structure in the country, the last Gothic-style cathedral built in Spain, a castle that served as inspiration for Cinderella's Castle in Disney, and a historical Jewish Quarter. After getting to explore the city, students were met with another treat when a drum and dance circle formed at the entrance to the city! Many students got to participate in the festivities before we boarded the busses to go home. Once we arrived back in Madrid, most students took the opportunity to go home and rest before their last free Sunday in the city, which was filled with adventures to the Royal Palace, Retiro park, surrounding towns with host families, and many other things. What a fantastic final weekend in the city!