Scavenging Madrid

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Clare Duckworth

As session two comes to a close and the students are feeling confident about their Spanish-speaking abilities and navigation skills, we sent them out on a scavenger hunt (Gymkhana) throughout the city of Madrid! To celebrate their progress and assess their learning during the program, we included questions about various activities that they participated in (Cajón class, Sevillanas dancing, trip to Valencia) as well as questions with general knowledge about Madrid. The first group to return back to the classroom with all the questions correct, wins!

Scavenger Hunt


Some of the activities included counting the number of horse hooves on a statue in the famous Plaza Mayor, taking a selfie next to the boats in Retiro Park, reporting the current “menu del día” at a restaurant, and taking a photo with a person with a beard.


Students in Plaza Mayor


Retiro Park!



Study Abroad



Photo with bearded man

Although many groups returned back to the classroom in a timely manner, only one group of Global Navigators won it all! The selection process for the winners was ~tense~, as the Program Leaders and Patricia carefully marked each answer and confirmed that each photo captured the correct location. First prize was a set of t-shirts with the Madrileño slogan “Mola mazo” and the infamous Madrid Metro symbol. ¡Hala Madrid!


Mola Mazo


Congratulations to our Global Navigator Madrileña Warriors: Danielle, Natali and Alejandra! And a huge congratulations to both students and staff for an amazing session full of learning and laughs :). ¡Hasta el próximo verano!