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Marina Izquierdo

Today (Tuesday the 6th) has been another great day. Group E has had one its favourite activities so far: cooking typical Spanish dishes.

Our mission was to cook 4 Spanish dishes: 1. Salmorejo 2. Tortilla española 3. Paella and 4.Tarta de Santiago.

Luckily with had the help from Gloria, an amazing cook who helped us through the whole process.

We achieved our goal with great success. We were efficient and worked as a team. The students enjoyed the experience and took the activity very seriously.

It was really rewarding to see what we had acomplished at the end of the session. Importantly, we all sat in a table and were able to eat all the dishes. They were simply delicious!

This experience is coming to an end but we are making the most of it.

See you soon, 


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